Experience counts when it comes to litigating tax cases. Experience translates into far greater credibility with judges so that the arguments getting advanced have greater weight than they otherwise would have.

You can check out most of the cases he has appeared in by visiting the Ministry of Justice's Judicial Decisions Online website and searching for Coleman in the counsel box. He has been arguing tax cases since 1991 so as over 25 years’ experience. He knows his way around a court. This experience has been recognised in Chambers and Rated in Chambers Partners global rating for barristers. You can see the ratings by visiting chambersandpartners.com, a site which rates the tax bar in New Zealand.

This website also contains a partial list of the cases he has appeared in as well as copies of some of the judgments. The cases James has argued include a large number of the leading cases in terms of New Zealand tax law. He is truly a tax expert.