Tax Debt

Dealing with the reality of what is occurring is an important first step towards resolving these situations. An experienced tax lawyer can help you work things out with Inland Revenue.

Once you are threatened with legal proceedings to collect a tax debt or have been served with legal papers you need the help of a tax lawyer not a tax accountant or debt negotiator. This is because only a lawyer can represent you in court. You will be wanted to negotiate a settlement with Inland Revenue and the earlier that you involve a tax lawyer in that the better. Knowing when to negotiate and what to pitch for in the negotiations is only learned through experience.  

Part of any settlement will involve you and your business becoming tax compliant.  A useful site for checking your small business tax compliance is available on the website

There are solutions 

It can seem overwhelming when Inland Revenue is chasing you for unpaid debt. But there are options like write-offs and these need to be considered and applied for where appropriate.  

Why get James involved?

James has negotiated numerous tax settlements for clients. He is well known to Inland Revenue staff and respected. Consequently, you get the benefit of his integrity and reputation when James represents you.