Suppressed Sales Investigations

You may not even know you are being looked at

Do you operate a restaurant or cash business? You may not even know that Inland Revenue is looking at your business. Inland Revenue often starts a suppressed cash sales investigation by obtaining your banking information. They then compare the cash you bank to eftpos ratios of the amounts going through your business bank account. If the cash is below Inland Revenues national standard ratios for your business then they will start to look further into your tax affairs.

Inland Revenue often sends in undercover officers to check out how your business operates. They may even seize your records using search and removal powers.

Prosecution may be threatened or Charges laid

As the tax audit progresses Inland Revenue may threaten prosecution as well as large assessments for tax arrears. Careful handling of these sorts of suppressed sales investigations is critical. There will be the risk of jail time if matters are not handled correctly right from the outset. The earlier you get your tax lawyer involved the better because after certain points have been some options are no longer on the table.

Having a tax lawyer at this stage also means that your interactions with your advisor are fully privileged, which means Inland Revenue cannot get access to what you discuss with your lawyer. Tax accountants have no legal privilege covering communications between you and them.

Once charges are laid you need a good tax lawyer, who does criminal tax cases. 

Why use me?

I have done a large number of suppressed sales cases. You can see some of them below.