Being in safe hands is important when you are under audit. There are many paths that the audit can go down. Having an experienced tax lawyer helpful you is essential in obtaining good outcomes.

Very frequently, the investigation will be resolved by a negotiation. Knowing when to negotiate and what to pitch for in the negotiations is only learned through experience. James has negotiated numerous settlements. He is well known to Inland Revenue staff and respected. Consequently, you get the benefit of his integrity and reputation when James represents you.

A tax lawyer will often work hand in hand with your regular accountant during an audit. They will bring complementary skills to the process. A useful site for checking your small business tax compliance is available on the the website

Tax investigations can turn into tax disputes

Tax investigations can turn into tax disputes. If that happens you will be guided through the statutory disputes process. Inland Revenues most recent policy statement stepping through the process with respect to disputes commenced by Inland Revenue is available here.